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Minoshima Pastoral Center

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Xmas of the Homeless in Monoshima church

"Our goal is to project the presence of the Catholic Church and show her concrete solidarity with the outcasts of today's Japanese society in conformity with the teachings of Christ"

Father Marcel Director
Minoshima Pastoral Center

The Minoshima Pastoral Center's Mission

  • For the purpose of answering to the pastoral orientation of the Japanese Church for immigrants, the Fukuoka Diocese created the Minoshima Pastoral Center for the care of immigrant workers. The Center is usually involved with Peruvian immigrants mostly of Japanese descendance (nikkei).
  • Our Pastoral Center facility also hosts a Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center (D.A.R.C.) for young Japanese addicts .
  • Our third mission is to care for the increasing number of homeless resulting from the latest economic crisis.
  • In the Center we also have the office of the Commission of Justice and Peace for the district of Fukuoka.

    "Takidashi"for the homeless in Minoshima
  • For the immigrants we are assuring "Pastoral Care": Mass in Spanish every Sunday, baptisms, marriages, religious education of the children etc...For that purpose we are linked with the Catholic commission of Japan for Migrants,Refugees and people on the move(Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan).
  • Since the beginning, we have run Japanese classes. We are also caring for today's problems: problems of accommodation, health, family, work, school, visa etc...
  • Furthermore, in 1997 we started a Solidarity Network for immigrants workers throughout Kyushu, this beeing linked to the National Solidarity Network.

  • The Drug Addiction Rehabiltation Center (D.A.R.C.) includes "Day care" and "Night Care" with a shelter for 6-7 people. Since1998 we have implemented "Big Mama" a Rehabilitation Workshop which receives subsidies from the Welfare board of the city of Fukuoka.

  • For the homeless inside the Center we have counselling , a bank of used clothes with food distribution each week and every week in Winter a distribtion of rice balls and hot soup. For that purpose we created theNGO "Fukuoka onigiri no kai"association, and the NGO "Megumi no ie" composed of christians, buddhists, members of groups of citizens, workers, trade-union members, former homeless etc...


El grupoMachupicchu

La fiesta de la ressurreccion en Minoshima


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